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A dedicated staff who will do whatever it takes to empower students to stay in school and achieve in life.

Acting Executive Director

Cynthia Maddox,
At CIS we see potential in every student— and we’re committed to helping them see it too.  Our commitment to students brings communities together for them. We start by collaborating with schools to understand each student’s needs, and deliver resources tailored to them. But we don’t stop there. We go beyond the classroom to work with local businesses, social service agencies, healthcare providers and volunteers, to give every student the confidence to overcome life’s future roadblocks and own their success.
“Programs don’t change people; relationships do” – Bill Milliken

Janice Campbell

Executive Assistant

Susan Fanuiel

Master Trainer

Yaland Johnson

Data Coordinator*

Hershel Wafer

Program Coordinator*

Barbara Woods

Program Coordinator

Site Coordinators

The site coordinator fills a pivotal role as the single point of contact working inside the school coordinating and providing integrated student supports. They work with school leadership and staff to connect students and families with community resources that help to address both academic and nonacademic needs, allowing students to show up healthy, safe, and prepared to learn.

Sharyl   Allen

Texas City HS

Edward Grogan

La Marque MS

William King III

La Marque HS

Armani Boxley

La Marque HS

Renda Hardeman

Central Middle

Candice Lamb

 Texas City HS

Joan    Burns

Heights ES

Brenda Hayes

La Marque ES

Ella Lewis

Parker ES

Krysta Croom

Ball HS

Odessa Holmes

Blocker MS

Lucero Lopez

Morgan Elementary

Glenn Gordon

Ball HS

Ashley Jackson

 Kohfeldt Elementary

Jo Carol Murry

Central MS

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